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    п»ї<b> In what sexual stage does premature ejaculation trigger? * </b>
    In an intimate encounter, ideally man experiences different moments in which his excitement increases progressively until reaching the desired climax. However, in one of these stages of sexual desire premature ejaculation is triggered.

    Lauro Salvador GГіmez Guerra, member of the European Academy of Andrology, explains that there are cycles in the male sexual response. These comprise five main phases that are distinguished by specific reactions. Understanding them can be key to start controlling the problem of premature ejaculation. ”

    From desire to resolution

    Beyond seduction, sexual pleasure starts with a reaction that involves the whole body and differs between men and women due to its anatomy and hormonal process. It begins with desire and ends with orgasm.

    1. Wish. Also called libido. Start with the feeling of having sex motivated by a visual or physiological stimulus. It does not have a time limit of duration.

    2. Excitement. Known as awakening. It manifests with the response of the organism (penile erection) after having experienced the desire and get to stay for minutes or hours.

    3. Plateau Called plateau which is the maximum point of excitement. It is considered a shorter period. It is key, since it is the moment in which premature ejaculation can originate. It is also the phase in which men can start with orgasm.

    4. Orgasm. It is the maximum peak of the plateau. The point where sexual “tension” is released, usually lasts less than a minute.

    5. Resolution. It is the stage in which the organism returns to its previous state of arousal. The duration depends on the time in which the body recovers. It usually increases with age.

    What’s wrong with premature ejaculation?

    It is in the plateau stage that premature ejaculation occurs. It is the time in which penetration usually begins.

    The man with normal control of ejaculation maintains the maximum level of excitation during this phase, so the key is to prolong the plateau.

    Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual disorders among men. It is characterized by a lack of voluntary control over ejaculation.

    Several specialists state that one in five men between 18 and 59 years of age may suffer at some point in their lives.

    Despite its prevalence and that there are a number of effective treatments available, there are men who do not come in seeking treatment for shame. However, accurate diagnosis is the first step to achieve a completely pleasant life. Consult a urologist to ensure your sexual health!

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