COVID 19 Update


The committee have been discussing the possibility of completing the current season – most teams have a maximum of two league games to play. We have been in contact with all clubs – most clubs are back open and hopefully all will be by August. To continue the season is dependent on the clubs and players – the dates below are as a guide to re-start the season. The aim is as follows:-


Tuesday 11th August Penultimate league games

Tuesday 18th August Final league games

Tuesday 25th August First Division play off semi final 3rd v 6th & 4th v 5th

Tuesday 01st September First Division Play Off Final venue to be confirmed


Tuesday 11th August Premier

County A v Trimpell B

Collegian v County C

Trimpell C v Jubilee City

First Bare A v CF Ex Service

Jubilee Utd v Bare B

Const B v CF Railway

Squires B v Reform

Tuesday 18th August Premier

Collegian v County A

Const A v Skerton C

County C v Jubilee City

First Jubilee Utd v Bare A

CF Ex Service v HGC

Squires A v Const B

CF Railway v Squires B

Reform v Trimpell A


Cup games – if possible teams can start whenever they can and arrange the games below between each other and keep in contact with Mark or Alan to confirm the games and results.

Also with the individual handicaps/individual scratch/doubles comps – if these are possible to be played please go ahead and arrange them.

League Cup Semi Finals

Skerton B v CF Ex Service venue tbc

Const B v Jubilee City venue tbc

League Cup Silver Medal Semi Finals

HGC v Skerton C venue tbc

Trimpell C v County A venue tbc

Memorial Cup Semi Finals

Trimpell C v County A Trimpell

Collegian v Trimpell B Collegian

Peter Taylor Trophy Quarter Finals

CF Ex Service v Skerton B CF Ex Service

Trimpell B v Skerton C1 Trimpell

Bare B v Jubilee Utd Bare

Skerton C2 v County A Skerton

Individual Scratch

V Gemson(Skerton B) v S Scott (Trimpell C)

N Faulkner(County C) v A Riley (County C)

E Fielding (Squires A) v J Cassidy (Trimpell B)

D Porter (Trimpell C) v A Pearson (Trimpell B)

Individual Handicap

P Cooper (Bare B) v S Scott (Trimpell C)

S Jalwal (Skerton B) v J Silverwood (Collegian)

M Hyde (Jubilee Utd) v P Browning (County A)

D Allewell (Squires A) v P Skinner (Trimpell C)

Pairs Competition

P Booth/J Stephenson (Jub City) v J Corless & A Ward (HGC)

G Knowles/M Wilcock or J Clegg/S Sparks (Jubilee Utd) v A Shaw/R Glennon

D McHugh/S Padgett (Jub Uud) v D Porter/S Scott (Trimpell C)

J Teasdale/P Cooper (Bare B) v A Pearson/M Simm (Trimpell B)

At the league meeting in August – we will need to decide on the format of the prizes/trophies/cash given to winners and runners up. I will send a text week before the meeting to confirm all still ok – if you can possibly attend that would be appreciated.

Depending on the rules that club committees set – we have to abide by what they say. It may be a case of some of the home teams having to switch and play at the away venues – we hope this will not cause a problem to anyone.

All the best to you all.


League Committee.

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