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League cup results from 7th November

Carnforth Railway 4 v 1 County B Exchange 3 v 4 Constitutional B Bare Village A 3 v 4 Melbourne Trimpell B 3 v 4 Skerton Lib B Constitutional A 4 v 3 Collegian Squires B 1 v 5 Jubilee City Skerton Lib C 2 v 4 Reform County C 2 v 4 Trimpell... read more

Week 7 High Breaks 2017-2018

Dave Duffy Jubilee City 45 Dave Porter Trimpell C 38 Bob Jalwal Skerton B 36 Damon Sanders Const A 34 Josh Corless HGC 31 Alan Shaw County A 29 Ian Hodgson Skerton B 28 Vinny Gemson Skerton B 27 C Haley County B 27 P Stuart Trimpell B... read more

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League Tables

Premier League 2017-2018

2Trimpell B107342
3Skerton B107339
4Skerton C107338
5Jubilee City106438
5Trimpell C106438
7Jubilee Utd106437
9Squires A103732
10Heysham Golf102827
11County B102824
12County C101922

First Division 2017-2018