Week 1 Highest Breaks

Jonathan Stephenson (Jubilee City) 70

Mick Manton (Trimpell B) 38

Dan Hicks (SLCB) 38

Paul Booth (Jubilee City) 33

Neil Arthur (Smokey’s A) 30

Alan Pearson (Trimpell B) 29

Tim Giles (Carn Ex Svce A) 29

Dave Mortimer (SLC B) 29

Graham Browning  (County A) 27

Paul Stuart (Trimpell B) 27

James Silverwood (Lanc Railway) 26


  1. I got a 26 for county c against bare last week

  2. Matt Jakeman

    Sorry Shane, it wasn’t listed in the scores that were sent over to me from the league committee so didn’t get on here.


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