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Week 2 Results, Tables and Breaks

Hi All. Sorry the main tables have not been updated yet. I need to put all of the fixtures in which takes some time. I am hoping to get that all up to date this weekend. In the mean time, here are the results from this week and current league standings etc.  ... read more

League Tables

Premier League 2018-2019

1Trimpell C2215789
2Trimpell B2215788
3Skerton B2216687
5Jubilee City2213982
6The Exchange22111179
8Skerton C2281472
9County A2281471
10Heysham Golf2271571
11Jubilee Utd2251763
12Constitutional B2271559

First Division 2018-2019

1Gordon Club2016485
2Constitutional A2012885
3Squires B20101081
4County C2013779
5Squires A2013778
6Carnforth Ex Serviceman2012876
7Bare Village B20101072
8Carnforth Railway2011967
10Bare Village A2051454
11Trimpell A2011937